Sunday Mornings

Fall/Winter/Spring Schedule

September through May

Adult Sunday School at 9:30

Coffee and Fellowship at 10:30

Worship at 11:00
( serving commumion the first Sunday of each month. All are welcome at the Lord's table)

"pre-K" through Kindergarten nursery provided during worship

Knox County Scenic Drive

On the first two Sundays in October we worship at 9:00 AM. ( Parking is difficult around the church downtown during this festival)

***************Summer Schedule******************


worship at 9:30 AM

Adult and children's Sunday School are in recess during the summer months


We serve Communion on the first Sunday of each month. Our custom is to offer both grape juice and wine to the seated congregation. Both the elements are held and the congregation partakes together. All who profess a belief in Jesus Christ are welcome at his table.